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  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and it is easy to get into the spirit by doing something pink to draw awareness to the issue. Køkken69 made some delicious looking Raspberry White Chocolate Pops. Raspberry flavored white chocolate is poured into a mold and allowed to set up with a popsicle stick inside. You could eat them as they are, but these pops are meant to be stirred into a glass of warm milk to make a decadent raspberry white hot chocolate drink. You can make them for yourself or give them as gifts, and although raspberry is good year round, you can opt for colors other than pink if you want to make them towards the holidays.
  • It may be because I’ve been making pate a choux frequently myself, or perhaps because I’m a big fan of pumpkin ice cream, but the Pumpkin Ale Profiteroles with Cinnamon Caramel Sauce at Satisfied certainly caught my eye. These pastry puffs are filled with a homemade ice cream made with pumpkin and pumpkin ale – which adds a little bit of a more adult flavor to things – and are topped with homemade caramel sauce. The dessert can be made well in advance and then frozen, which makes it even more perfect for holiday parties than the flavors alone do!
  • Pumpkin fans will appreciate Piggy’s Cooking Journal‘s Pumpkin Cream Sandwich Cookies. These cinnamon-kissed cookies are sandwiched with a sweet pumpkin filling, delivering the flavors that you would normally find in a pumpkin pie with a whole new group of textures. The sugar cookies are simple, rolled cookies and can also be used with a variety of other fillings, but all you really need to get the most out of this particular combination is a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter to bring everything together.
  • They have their fans, but Tootsie Rolls are at the bottom of the Halloween candy heap for many young trick or treaters. Make a batch of Homemade Tootsie Rolls, as ShowFood Chef did, and you’ll have adults and kids wanting more. These candies are basically a very chewy fudge, and homemade tastes fresher than storebought and is fun to make. Another bonus is that this version uses agave instead of high fructose corn syrup, so you can feel just as good about eating them as making them.
  • Souffles are beautiful, but tricky to photograph. They tend to begin to fall right after they come out of the oven, so it can be difficult to style them for a shot before they’re past their prime. Fortunately, they still taste just as amazing even if they loose a little height before serving. Citrus and Candy‘s Caramelized Apple Souffles have a stash of rich, caramelized apples beneath a Calvados (apple brandy)-flavored souffle. The dessert bakes up high and beautiful, leaving you with a simultaneously fluffy and custardy topping and a sweet, hot filling that mix together for a very satisfying dessert.

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