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  • Coconut milk can be a surprisingly good substitute for heavy cream in ice cream recipes. It doesn’t whip up, but it does have a thick and creamy consistency that makes for a great ice cream base. Sweet Savory Life‘s Dairy Free Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream uses this little trick to make a very creamy and dairy free ice cream that has a great chocolate flavor thanks to a generous amount of cocoa powder in the mix. Add in some chocolate chips or shredded coconut for a little variety.
  • Adding fresh herbs to sweet dishes can give them a really interesting savory note that sets off their sweetness, much like adding salt to a caramel. The Blueberry Thyme Pound Cake with Glaze that The Naptime Chef recently baked up has a classic pound cake texture with an herby, citrusy note from the thyme and lemon that makes it seem light and summery. It’s a great traveler, too, so perfect for taking to picnics and barbecues.
  • Root beer is one of my favorite sodas thanks to its unique, spicy flavor. Everybody Likes Sandwiches translated that flavor into a Root Beer Cake Topped with Root Cream. The cake has two whole cups of root beer in it and the cream topping the cake is made with Root liquor, an herby, spicy spirit that gives this cake a hint of grown up kick.
  • Cupcakes are cute desserts, but Dinner with Julie‘s Baby Blueberry Pies might just be cuter. These bite-sized pies are made by pushing a little bit of pie crust into muffin tins and filling them with fresh berries. They’re easier to make that you might think, and even easier to eat – especially when they’re served with a little bit of ice cream.
  • If you’re looking for an over-the-top dessert, a Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirled Cheesecake might be the perfect thing. The Other Side of 50 found this indulgent cake to be the perfect complement to a special occasion birthday, with its rich and creamy cheesecake base packed with a salty-sweet mix of peanut butter and chocolate. Chocolate ganache and chopped peanut butter cups finish it off perfectly.

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  • traci
    July 28, 2010

    I’ve whipped coconut milk – just need to chill it well before getting started. yum!!

  • Nutmeg Nanny
    July 28, 2010


  • Mags
    July 28, 2010

    Thank you for including my chocolate peanut swirled cheesecake in your “Bites from other Blogs” this week!

  • Like the mini-pie idea!

  • Kelsey
    July 28, 2010

    Thanks for the inclusion on the round up, you are such an great writer and this is an awesome site! 🙂

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