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  • When a recipe calls for a flavor extract, it typically calls for just one at a time. Cookie Madness‘s Five Flavor Sugar Cookies use a little bit of each of five different extracts – which means you could put almost every one in your pantry to use in one recipe. The sugar cookies include coconut, lemon, rum, butter, and vanilla extracts, which all meld together surprisingly well to give these cookies a unique flavor. The cookies are good plain, but they can also be topped with a thin layer of frosting and decorated with sprinkles if you want to turn them into a really kid-friendly treat.
  • Fans of the flavors in a Snickers candy bar will love the Snickers Cake from Bakers Royale. This is an icebox cake, which means that it is is not baked but built in layers and then refrigerated (or frozen) so that everything melds together. The cake is made with layers of homemade chocolate and caramel puddings that are separated with layers of graham crackers, which take on a cake-like texture by the time the cake is finished. It may not look exactly like the candy bar, but when you put all these elements together, you end up with something that tastes a lot like it and is a very impressive (yet easy to make) dessert, too.
  • Thin mints are the Girl Scouts’ number one selling cookie flavor, and during cookie season many of us have a box – or three – around the house. You can always eat them with a glass of milk, but they can be incorporated into other recipes, as well. The Thin Mint Scones that The Food Librarian baked up are a perfect example. These simple scones get a generous dose of chocolate and mint from crushed up Girl Scout cookies that are folded into the dough. This is a great way to showcase the flavor of the cookies, and a nice change of pace from eating them just out of the box.
  • There is something very homey about Bake-aholic‘s Iced Oatmeal Cookies, perhaps because they look like the type of cookie that you would find stacked in an old fashioned cookie jar. They’re thin and chewy, with a thin lemon icing that adds an extra layer of sweetness to them. The cookies themselves are very simple, getting most of their flavor from sugar, oats and ground cinnamon. They’re also a good base for variations, and you could change things up by using different spices (perhaps at different times of the year) or varying the flavors in the icing.
  • You can see why Berry Lovely chose to bake this Lemon Celebration Cake to celebrate a recent birthday. The impressive cake has four layers of tender lemon chiffon cake that are stacked up with layers of silky smooth lemon cream and homemade caramel sauce. It is topped with a rich lemon mascarpone icing that ties in with the other flavors very well, but is versatile enough that you might find yourself using it to top other cakes and cupcakes, especially during the spring when a splash of lemon will brighten up just about any dessert.

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