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A Custom Card and The Baking Bites Cookbook for Mother’s Day

The Baking Bites Cookbook, a perfect gift!

I couldn’t resist giving The Baking Bites Cookbook one more plug before Mother’s Day, which is less than two weeks away. It’s a great gift for any baker – whether you are the mother who is trying to give out subtle gift suggestions to kids and dads, or if you are the one looking for the perfect gift for mom or grandma. Even better, my cookbook comes with a special bonus for the holiday: a handmade Mother’s Day card! These fantastic cards – which I couldn’t resist showing off now that I have some photos of them – are a custom design from a local artist and were produced in a small, limited run just for my readers! These are a neat addition to your gift, and a little bit more personal than running out to Hallmark.

The cookbook is available directly from me via PayPal, with free US shipping (it’s just a few dollars more for priority or international), and there is a discount for orders of two or more. The book can also be found on Amazon.com, but the Amazon books do not include this lovely card.

Handmade, limited edition cupcake card!

If you’re curious, the cupcake featured on the card is actually based on a recipe I did not too long ago, for Gingersnap Cupcakes.

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  • Amy
    April 27, 2010

    Any way you’d divulge the artist that did the cards? I love them!

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