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Dreyers’s Tagalong Ice Cream, reviewed

Dreyers’s Tagalong Ice Cream

Since it’s Girl Scout cookie season again – whether you’re buying from a local troop or using it as an excuse to make some Homemade Girl Scout Cookies – it also means that Dreyer’s has put its seasonally available Girl Scout cookie ice creams back in grocery store freezer cases. These limited edition ice creams feature some of the most popular Girl Scout cookie flavors, like Samoas and, in this case, Tagalongs. Tagalongs are shortbread cookies topped with a layer of peanut butter and then coated in chocolate, a bit like a peanut butter cup with a cookie base. This Dreyer’s (Edy’s on the East coast) flavor has a vanilla ice cream base, along with swirls of peanut butter and fudge, and some Tagalong cookie bits.

The ice cream is good, it has a nice vanilla flavor to it and is both creamy and light, along the lines of other Dreyer’s Grand ice creams. The fudge and peanut butter swirls really make it taste like a peanut butter cup, too, and there are plenty of each mixed into the ice cream. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the cookie content. While I found plenty of recognizable cookie chunks in the Samoas ice cream, the cookie pieces were few and far between – and they tended to be so small that they really didn’t contribute much. So, while it was good, I might stick to mixing in some Tagalong cookies that I’ve crunched up myself to make sure that I get a lot of crunchy cookie pieces along with all that fudge and peanut butter.

Dreyers’s Tagalong Ice Cream, close up

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  • Tia
    February 25, 2010

    here in canada i’ve only ever seen 2 types of gg cookies – the mint ones and cream filled ones!

  • Kara
    February 26, 2010

    Just so you know, if you ever need someone to help you taste-test these ice creams, I’m up for the task… I know, so selfless of me… really, but I’d do it. 🙂

  • Natalia
    February 26, 2010

    Congratulations on your new website!

    In 2008 I traveled to Alaska and I had the pleasure to taste of delicious ice cream in that beautiful land ice, was an indescribable experience!


  • Kathryn
    February 26, 2010

    I agree with you on this; not enough cookie pieces in the ice cream.

  • jaime
    February 27, 2010

    this is kinda related – I saw the Dreyers label in the pic and thought what is that? an off-label version of Breyers? I’m in NY and apparently they sell it here as Edys! Kinda dorky but you can see why when you look up Breyers on wikipedia.

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