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Portable ice cream sundae bar

ice cream carrier

Even though it is one of the most refreshing, most satisfying things you can eat in the summer, ice cream is not a very portable food. It melts too quickly in the heat and, unless you’re dishing it out in your kitchen and carrying each bowl outside to the yard/deck/patio, it just isn’t going to make it very far.

If you do want to try to bring some ice cream (or ice cream sandwiches) along on a picnic, you basically have two options. The first is to pack a regular cooler with as many ice packs as you can find to try and keep the temperature down. The second option is to find a cooler specifically made to carry ice cream, like this Portable ice cream sundae bar. It holds a container of ice cream and comes with six saucer plates, six cups, six spoons and an ice cream scoop – along with some room for sprinkles,etc. It is well-lined and heavily insulated, so ice cream has a better chance in it than in some other containers. On top of that, it’s very cute.

Now, even the sundae cooler won’t keep ice cream going for all that long when it is really hot. Your absolute best bet is to use a well-insulated cooler filled with dry ice, which will be able to keep the temperature low enough to keep the ice cream solid for quite some time.

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