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Maple Leaf Pan

Maple Leaf Pan

With fall coming up, it’s time to start looking at products that have a seasonal edge to them, like this Maple Leaf Pan. The pan bakes muffin-sized cakes in the shape of maple leaves – perfect for just about any fall or holiday gathering, especially if the leaves are falling off the trees outside. The pan is made by NordicWare and is made of cast aluminum, with a nonstick finish on the interior. Even with the nonstick finish, it is a good idea to grease this pan well before using it to ensure that all the crinkled edges of the leaves, as well as the detailed veins on the bottom of each leaf, come out of the pan cleanly. It’s not that easy to get a knife underneath these cakes if they do stick, but a thin knife can be used to loosen the edges and they really should come out without too much difficulty.

You can use just about any muffin or cupcake recipe with this pan, but the things that will look best are solid colored treats, like gingerbread muffins or red velvet cake, both of which present gorgeous fall colors and don’t have any blueberries or other items to detract from the shape of the leaves.

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  • Dolce
    September 3, 2009

    I saw your face on Bakerella’s General Mills post 🙂 You girls seemed to have a lot of fun over there…

  • Emily
    September 10, 2009

    This pan would be fun to make little maple leaf cupcake toppers. Fun idea!

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