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  • It looks like something straight out of a five-star restaurant, but Tartelette‘s White Chocolate, Vanilla Bean Cardamom Mousse and Raspberry Layers Recipe is really both a simple and elegant dessert. It starts off with a thin square of white chocolate, which is topped with puffs of mousse and fresh raspberries. Another layer of chocolate, followed by more mouse and berries, and a final chocolate square finishes things off. Once you stop admiring it and get down to tasting it, it’s a combination that just melts in your mouth.
  • Chocolate cake is a classic, and while it’s good on its own, it’s fun to dress it up. The Kitchen Sink baked some Cinnamon-Scented Devil’s Food Cupcakes, spicing up regular chocolate cupcakes with ground cinnamon, coffee and a generous amount of chocolate chips. Even batter, the cupcakes are topped off with mounds (literally – it was a creative piping job) of peanut butter butter cream.
  • Beignets are small, usually square donuts/fried pastries that are a tradition in New Orleans. Usually, they’re served plain with a dusting of confectioners’ sugar. Since there is a pocket inside each puff, it’s easy to add flavor with a filling. Beignets Filled with Meyer Lemon Curd are a variation from Ms Glaze’s Pommes d’Amour. For an even quicker fix, you can use store bought lemon curd or jam with these.
  • The thing that sets snickerdoodles apart from regular cookies is their cinnamon-sugar coating. Likewise, it is the cinnamon-sugar topping that sets the Snickerdoodle Blondies at The Crepes of Wrath apart from regular blondies. The bars are basically made with a sugar cookie dough that bakes into thick and chewy bars. The treats are easy to make and it might be hard to go back to regular snickerdoodles after trying these.
  • I’ve had bacon waffles before, but those typically involve bacon bits in waffle batter. Not Martha‘s Bacon Stuffed Waffles incorporate whole slices of bacon! Syrup is the perfect complement for the crispy waffles and salty bacon, but NM’s presentation of the waffles with a fried egg on top looks amazing, as well.

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  • Cody
    March 4, 2009

    I am big on breakfast, but I have never, ever seen a waffle with full strips of bacon in the batter…. with an EGG on top. When I make breakfast, I usually incorporate a lot of sauteed vegetables, then either scramble my eggs into a breakfast burrito. If I fry my eggs, I’ll put everything on a toasted bagel w/ cheese for a sandwich! I cannot wait to make that waffe!

    March 6, 2009

    i like your site and food ofcourse.

    March 6, 2009

    but your pramlink not set yet thats y it not easy to locate all categories easily.

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