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Choosing linzer cookie cutters

Linzer cookie cuttersLinzer cookies, as I’ve mentioned before, are typically made with two cookie rounds – one of which has a windowpane cut-out – sandwiching a jam filling. There are lots of special linzer cookie cutter sets out there to choose from to make the cookie making process easier. All of them include large and small cookie cutters, and most have a plunger-type system that allows you to punch out the main round and the center in one shot, then release the dough onto the baking sheet.

I’ve gone through a set like this and, while worked, it was not sturdy at all and became difficult to use after the first batch of cookies and broke completely after another. The dough jammed in the cookie cutters and the plunger mechanism fell apart after a while. The best way to make linzer cookies is to avoid little gadgets like these and just use the plain cookie cutters to punch out your shapes. You can either use a special holiday set (like the one pictured here, forgetting about the plunger tool that is included) or simply invest in a plain cookie cutter set that comes with cutters of various sizes and use that for your top and bottom cookies.

If you can’t find a satisfactory set, you can always shape the cookies into a traditional lattice design working by hand. It’s a little more tedious, but the finished cookies will still look great.

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