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Jones Soda Lemon Drop Dead, reviewed

Jones Soda Halloween Cans

Jones Soda Co. is known for their inventively flavored sodas and unique label designs. Their normal sodas range from Root Beer to Fufu Berry, but their most original are the holiday drinks that they put out a few times each year. The Turkey and Gravy Soda, part of the Thanksgiving and Christmas variety packs, is notorious for being a bit… adventurous, but when I saw their Halloween Cans recently, I had a good feeling from the get-go and couldn’t resist trying at least one of the flavors. The cans are all 8-ounces and have great spooky designs for each candy-inspired flavor: Lemon Drop Dead, Spooookiwi, Candy Corn, Buried Pomegranate.

I opted for Lemon Drop Dead. The can has an all-over mummy wrapping and gives no hint to what exactly the flavoring of the soda within is. The best way to describe it is to say it is a lemonade-ginger ale combination, with the fizziness and not-too-sweet taste of the ginger ale, and a vibrant lemon flavor from the lemonade part of the mix. There aren’t many lemon sodas out there and this one is definitely a winner, seasonal or not, if you’re a lemonade fan. But since this is a seasonal item, I’ll set a few cans aside to set out on the drinks table at the next Halloween party.

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  • NovaGirl
    October 29, 2008

    Good, but too sweet this year. The previous two years’ formulas were much better.

  • bad kitty
    March 10, 2009

    Oh my gosh-the Lemon Drop Dead is too sour-like drinking acid. I love sour and so does my 6 yr old son and it was too sour even for him! It’s March I think there’s still a can in my fridge-it was undrinkable-even mixed with vodka to make a Lemon Drop. It gave me horrible heartburn and was totally gross! Cute can , though.

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