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Egg-cellent Easter Pans

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i like egg puns

We’re coming down to the wire on Easter and if you’re at all interested in baking some Easter-shaped goodies, this will be your last excuse to go out and pick up a neat specialty pan for doing so.

Personally, I’m the type that might hold out until they’re on sale right after Easter, though I know that usually means I’ll have to hang on to them for quite some time before I put them to use. This usually means that I have pans leftover from the previous year that I don’t remember I bought and buy new ones that strike my fancy when I see them in stores the next holiday season. The Peeps cupcake pans – mini bunny shaped pans – that I found this year were probably my top choice of the season, but egg-shaped pans are coming in a close second because I’ve seen a couple of very appealing ones.

First is this Decorated Egg Cupcake Pan, pictured above. The nonstick pan makes six egg-shaped cakes that are molded with classic Easter egg decorations. Simply add a dusting of powdered sugar or a quick glaze and you’ll end up with a lovely cake without investing a ton of time in complicated icing designs. The other is a 3D Egg Pan. Baked in two half-egg pieces, a cake recipe made in this pan can be glued together with some frosting or filling to make a giant, three-dimensional egg. It’s definitely a centerpiece-worthy cake for an Easter party.

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