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  • If the book I mentioned earlier this week, Pops! Ice Treats for Everyone piqued your interest in frozen treats, you will definitely want to check out the Mojito Pops at Erin Cooks. The recipe comes from that very book. It uses lots of fresh lime juice, club soda, mint and rum, just like the original cocktail, giving them a bright and grownup flavor – especially if you take a cute from Erin and are more generous with the rum than the original recipe. There are more popsicle recipes to be found here, too.
  • Another cool treat is an ice cream sandwich. and Batter Splattered has come up with a really delicious variation: Triple Chocolate Cookies with Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches.The cookies are very rich (they’re made with plenty of melted chocolate and chocolate chips) and are very large, so they give you a great size for sandwiches. Feel free to make them smaller for something a bit more manageable, but keep the strawberry ice cream. Who doesn’t like chocolate-covered strawberries?
  • Moving away from the frozen treats for the moment, Baking Blonde tried some Coconut Dream Bars this week. The bars have a brown sugar enriched shortbread-like base and are topped with a generous amount of coconut topping. For coconut lovers, the bars are probably best served plain, but you can add in some dark chocolate chunks to the topping, as well, to get even more depth of flavor in there.
  • The first thing that I noticed about’s Gluten Free Pancakes with Warm Pear Compote was the appealing way that the recipe had been laid out, like it was a page out of a cookbook. The second thing was the beautiful photo and how delicious the pancakes looked. They’re really not any more difficult than traditional pancakes, even though they’re gluten free, and have a generous amount of banana in them that will appeal to everyone – gf or not.
  • Butter Sugar Flour‘s most recent creation, the Tiramisu Layer Cake seems like it might not be quite as simple as some of the other recipes I’ve mentioned this week because it involves the construction of a few layers. It is actually made with only one layer of cake – a large, thin jelly-roll type sponge cake – that is sliced into thirds and stacked over a creamy mascarpone filling. To give the cake the same flavor as a regular tiramisu, the layers are brushed with a coffee syrup, rather than dunked into espresso as ladyfingers would have been.
  • Finally, I couldn’t resist slipping in Fat Free Vegan‘s Ridiculously Easy Pineapple Sorbet. The recipe is, indeed, ridiculously easy, but it is also quite brilliant. It involves only one ingredient – canned pineapple – that is frozen and blended into a smooth and refreshing sorbet in the food processor. You can add a bit more sweetener if you want something less tangy than the pure pineapple or add in different fruits for variety, but the simplicity of the original is great.

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  • Erin
    July 2, 2008

    Hi Nicole — Thanks so much for linking to my Mojito Pops post! The “Pops!” book is definitely one of my favorite reviews/finds so far this year. I hope you get a chance to enjoy some icy boozy treats of you own this holiday week.

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