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  • There is a reason that Snickers bars are so popular: the combination of milk chocolate, peanuts, caramel and nougat is a wonderful one. Tartelette took the flavors of this favorite candy bar and turned the ordinary chocolate treat into something much more elegant, Snickers Macarons. The delicate macarons are flavored with peanuts and cocoa (as opposed to just hazelnuts or almonds) and are filled with milk chocolate, caramel sauce and a peanut butter-enhanced marshmallow fluff.
  • While frozen cherries are convenient and easy to work with in the kitchen, when fresh cherries are in season there is nothing like them. And pitting them doesn’t take that long – just ask Elise at Simply Recipes, who used nearly a pound of fresh cherries in her Cherry Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips. The ice cream has a beautiful pink color and gives you a burst of fresh cherry flavor in every bite.
  • Speaking of ice cream, the Caramelized Mango Ice Cream at Jumbo Empanadas also looks very appealing. Fresh mangoes are cooked with sugar in a skillet until the mixture becomes sweet and dark, and the mangoes become soft and tender. The caramelized mangoes are cooled and pureed, then added to the ice cream base. The plain cream takes a backseat to the caramel, which gives the ice cream a rich and deep flavor.
  • Cannelle et Vanille also put some of this season’s freshest fruits to good use in a Summer Berry Charlotte. I can’t help but think that the dessert looks girly and elegant, with its pink-hued fresh blackberry and raspberry mousses ringed with delicate, homemade ladyfingers. Not that there is anything wrong with girly – especially when it gives you a foil for showcasing these flavors. In terms of serving, the dessert can easily be prepared ahead of time and be ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  • At Culinary Concoctions, Peabody made a special treat for her father on Father’s Day: Coconut Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Traditional pineapple cake is really his favorite dish, but since hers was a virtual cake anyway, Peabody took the opportunity to play around with the flavors and improve the cake with coconut extract and shredded coconut, giving the dish a slightly tropical twist.
  • If you’re not from the South (unless you listen to some country music), you’re probably not familiar with the idea of putting peanuts in Coke or Dr Pepper. The unusal combination serves to cut the sweetness of the soda with the salt from the peanuts and make the drink even fizzier than usual. Eating the peanuts afterwards is optional. Homesick Texan took this southern classic combination and made an inspired Dr Pepper Peanut Brittle. It may sound a bit strange at first, but the soda makes the brittle a bit tender and adds a certain fruity sweetness to the otherwise rich treat.

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