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  • Nothing could have made me overlook Smitten Kitchen‘s S’more Pie this week. What’s not to love about a big, grownup version of a favorite childhood treat? The pie has a fairly standard graham cracker crust that is filled with a rich, bittersweet chocolate cream. The whole thing is topped off with a layer of homemade marshmallow – lightly toasted, of course, because it wouldn’t really be a s’more without involving some heat.
  • For some reason, I rarely see rhubarb at my local markets (a point I’m sure I’ve mentioned before), but I am a big fan of the sweet-tangy plant and am always interested in desserts that incorporate it. Often, it is paired with fresh strawberries, but in the Rhubarb Mousse at Anne’s Food, it stands alone. The dessert has three steps and there is a bit of a wait for cooling, but the overall process is simple and the resulting dessert is very elegant.
  • The fact that I’ve been thinking about southern desserts lately made Bake or Break‘s Pear Bread catch my eye. The bread is from Southern Cakes and, while it may have a plain name, but it’s deceptively simple. The recipe includes chopped pears (obviously), as well as vanilla, pecans and cinnamon. It’s easy to mix up and everything comes together into a sweet, moist, addictive bread.
  • Over at Culinary in the Country, Joe has been using cherries like crazy. They’re in season now and he is taking full advantage. All of his recipes look good, but the dish that really caught my eye was Ricotta Pancakes with Brown Sugar-Cherry Sauce. I love the contrast between the light pancakes and the dark red syrup and I can only imagine how good the flavor contrast is, as well. The sauce doesn’t have to be reserved for use on pancakes, either. It would make a killer ice cream topping.
  • The smell of bacon isn’t what you’d expect to get when you put a batch of cupcakes in the oven (unless you bake your bacon and the smell lingers), but it is exactly what Bake and Destroy got when she baked her Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes. Fortunately, the cupcakes tasted like matcha, butter and buttermilk – not like bacon. It doesn’t take much matcha powder to get the flavor into the cupcakes and they’re definitely a nice change of pace for fans of green tea. Plus, the dual-colored frosting topping the cakes off is gorgeous.
  • Food Beam also used matcha this week in Snail-like vanilla and green tea sablés. No, there are no snails involved. Instead, the tender butter cookies have a spiral of matcha-flavored dough in the center, giving them a look that is reminiscent of the spiraling shape of a snail’s shell. Call it a sea shell if it makes you feel a bit better about trying out the recipe at home.

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