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Spoon Scale

Spoon ScaleI almost overlooked this little Spoon Scale when I saw it mentioned on Not Martha, and I’m quite sure I might have overlooked it in a kitchen store simple because it is so small. Needless to say, I’m glad I didn’t.

The Spoon Scale is a little electronic scale that is about the size (and, of course, the shape) of a fairly regular measuring spoon. It’s pretty high tech, so you don’t need to carefully measure ingredients into the spoon in the same way you have to with larger kitchen scales. Instead, you can simply scoop out an amount of spice, salt or pepper and the spoon will tell you how much you have. It measures amounts in grams and ounces, and is accurate down to measurements of .1g. This spoon is great for anyone who regularly works with weights to get more precise measurements than you can get with the standard set of measuring spoons, like bakers seeking to find that perfect, airy baguette with just water, flour, yeast and salt.

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  • Abby
    May 20, 2008

    Genius. I missed that on notmartha, too.

  • Susan
    May 21, 2008

    Nicole, have you used this yet? It’s an interesting idea and I’m wondering how accurate it is.

  • Lisa
    June 9, 2008

    Did you have any problems getting the spoon scale? I tried to order it from Pro Idee just after you posted this, and finally gave up and cancelled the order today.

    It didn’t help that it took them a week after the order was authorized to email me with the correct shipping costs to Illinois. Paying as much shipping for the item as the list cost was a bit much so long after the “ooh, shiny, want!” impulse had faded.

    I’d still like to have one. Have you heard anything about a State-side vendor?


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