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  • Sometimes you have to be a little creative when you’re giving a recipe a title, whether you’re embelishing with an adjective or taking care to mention a special ingredient. You can’t just call everything “cake” or “cookie” – not if you want to tempt other people into trying the recipe! A whisk and a spoon had to shorten the name of her Rhubarb-filled yogurt cupcakes with lemon butter icing and pistachios for the purpose of titling her post, but there is more than enough good stuff packed into that one recipe to grab my attention and put it on my “to-try” list!
  • Truth for the ages: “My idea of perfect happiness is clarity about that which fulfills me – plus – I fully believe that desserts should be damn free of all damn calories.” I have to agree completely with Velvet Lava – especially on the last bit there. Fortunately, as she also points out, it’s always free to look, so be sure to take a good long one at her Shortbread Tartlets with Mocha Frosting. They’re certainly not calorie free, but one glance of their decadence is definitely satisfying enough to hold you over for a few hours while you make them.
  • Strawberry season is in full swing and you can never have too many recipes that really make good use of a seasonal bounty of ripe berries. A fresh fruit tart is always a good idea and the Strawberry Rhubarb Tart that Dessert First posted looks like a winner. The recipe was originally designed by the ever-brilliant Pierre Herme and DF decided to garnish it with some homemade Brown Sugar Ginger Ice Cream, too.
  • Somebody tell Aaplemint that there is only one reason to even consider apologizing for the photo accompanying the recipe posted for Dark Chocolate, Mocha and Chocolate Cake Parfaits and that is not because they are oozing chocolaty goodness down the sides of their parfait glasses. It’s because we can’t taste the finished product from the mouthwatering photograph alone. The bit of melting mousse makes it look more appealing than ever.
  • The post-Bake-Off glow has worn off and I’ve returned to posting non-Bake-Off recipes here lately, but I’ll always have a soft spot for old contest-winning recipes. Apparently, so does Fruit Tart. This recipe for Caramel-Filled Chocolate Cookies was a prize-winner in 1990 and has been reprinted many times since. The cookies have a chocolate dough that is wrapped around a chocolate and caramel candy center. They’re similar to this year’s winning recipe, in that the cookies are filled with something delicious. I guess that’s a recipe for a winner no matter what year it is!
  • Finally, you won’t find any recipes at Bent Objects, but you will find some fantastic and witty foodie artwork there. Artist Terry Border uses both organic (like food) and inorganic bits and pieces to put together some excellent works, like Prehistoric Citrus were Very Clever Hunters, Aaaarsh-Mallows, the Red Wine Pistachio Bird and, definitely a favorite, Salad is Murder.

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  • Fotobuch
    May 7, 2008

    I like this review. Thanks for all the links. I love to eat but can’t cook 😀 now i decide that i’ll learn how to cook 🙂

  • Kitt
    May 7, 2008

    Oh wow, thanks for the Bent Objects link. That’s so cool!

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