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CI’s egg taste test

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eggsCan you describe the flavor of an egg? I’m not entirely sure that I can. Chicken meat is the same way: you can’t exactly describe it, but you know it when you taste it because it is such a familiar flavor. There are many different types and qualities of chickens and, if you eat meat on a regular basis, you’re probably well aware that not all chicken meat is created equal. The same thing goes for eggs. The average supermarket egg is a conventional one, but it’s getting easier than ever before to find organic/free range eggs,  farm fresh eggs and low-saturated fat eggs, as well. Is one better than another?

Cook’s Illustrated conducted a little taste test of their own, pitting organic/free range eggs,  farm fresh eggs (less than 1 week old) and low-saturated fat eggs (Eggland’s best) against conventional eggs in a side by side, sunny side up taste test. They found that farm fresh eggs were the best of the bunch, with dark orange yolks, small whites and a rich flavor. Organic eggs, low cholesterol eggs and “standard” supermarket eggs – in that order – followed.

The flavors of eggs don’t generally come through in your average cake or cookie recipe, so your choice of egg won’t ultimately make that much difference in anything that doesn’t feature egg as a standout ingredient. If you want to give farm-fresh eggs a try, however, you can typically find them at farmers markets and at some specialty grocers that deal directly with small, local suppliers.

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  • Lisa in Poland
    April 1, 2008

    So this isn’t an egg response. It’s about the one bowl carrot cake. It was delicious!! We loved it. It was pretty dense (almost like banana bread but nice and moist) but we loved it like that. Also, under the comments for that recipe someone left a dirty one. Could you erase that for your future readers? Thanks!!

  • Kitt
    April 1, 2008

    That’s interesting to know! You see so many different kinds of eggs available, at various prices, but it’s hard to know which kind will taste best. I’d rather buy eggs from happy chickens, in any case.

    I’m hoping to buy eggs from a neighbor who has a little urban flock. I expect those will be the best of all.

  • Kel
    April 1, 2008

    I love my Eglu! They are made by a British company in the Midlands.Have a look at their website, http://www.omlet.co.uk
    we have a green one with 2 chickens – Higgle and Dora..You can so tell they have been named by a 2 year old!!!
    They lay the most amazing eggs and are sooooo worth the money and effort, I do think you can taste the difference in EVERYTHING you cook obviously that is just in my opinion…and it is so nice collceting them with the kids in the morning! And then there is the whole ethics of free range…Happy hens lay Happy eggs!!!

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