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Push-n-Print Valentine Cookie Hearts

Push-n-Print Valentine Cookie Hearts

Cookie stamps are great little tools, giving all kinds of plain cookies – especially butter cookies or shortbread – a lot of dimension. They also save you a lot of time when it comes to decorating cookies, since all the work is done for you before the cookies get into the oven and you don’t really need to bother with frosting or sprinkles to still have a gorgeous finished product. These Push-n-Print Valentine Cookie Hearts are a particularly lovely set that recreates the idea of the conversation heart in cookie form. The set comes with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and stamp that fits neatly inside of it. The plates that mark the cookies can be slipped underneath the stamp, so that while you cut out each cookie from rolled dough, you can mark them as you go with a message: Be Mine, Love or a pair of hearts.

When working with embossed cookies like these, it’s helpful to choose a recipe for dough that won’t spread or rise very much in the oven to ensure that the design is as clear as possible. Generally, a recipe that doesn’t have very much (or any) baking powder or baking soda will turn out this way.

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