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chefdbThere are many resturant review sites online, perhaps more than you could ever actually use when you try to consider the number of blogs, bulletin boards, wikis, newspaper reviews and just plain old review websites out there. When taken together, there is probably a pretty comprehensive restaurant listing available online. There is not, however, a comprehensive chef listing – or wasn’t, until now. ChefDb is a new website that is setting up a comprehensive database of chefs and restaurants, both past and present, from around the world. Think IMDB, but for restaurants instead of films. It accepts listings for anyone who works in a restaurant kitchen, senior front-of-house staff and restaurateurs. The restaurant information is provided as background, to enable a user to get more detail on where various chefs have worked, what types of restaurants and who they worked for/with.

The database started as an historical site, focusing on past restaurants and the chefs who worked there. It is only more recently that the site has grown to include current restaurants, information that is researched after being submitted to ensure that users will get the most accurate information possible.

It’s definitely worth a look, particularly if you have a favorite restaurant/chef that you want to learn a little bit more about, but it’s sure to be a good resource for anyone who works in the restaurant business in the long run.

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