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Holiday gift wrapping for foodies

who wouldn’t want to see this under the tree?

Looking for a way to dress up a cookbook, or other present for a favorite food lover? Try “garnishing” your package with a little kitchen accessory of some kind. This package pictured here contains a cookbook – don’t worry, it has already been delivered and unwrapped, so I’m not ruining any surprises by telling you it is a copy of this book – but as is the case with most books, the gift itself looked pretty boring and plain.

I was able to dress it up a bit by adding a spatula as gift wrap “garnish,” and this is a great way to dress up any package you might be sending out. Spatulas, mini whisks, measuring spoons and other small, inexpensive kitchen tools make a gift look just a bit more special and (especially when there are lots of holiday sales on) cost very little to add a lot of oomph to a package.

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  • Rachel R.
    December 14, 2007

    Hey, what brand is this spatula? I need a new silicone spatula, without a wooden handle (as the wooden handles keep getting wet and molding inside where they’re attached – yuck!), but I’ve been having trouble finding one. That one you have in your photo is perfect.

  • Nicole
    December 14, 2007

    I think that this is a Pyrex spatula. I’ve been seeing more and more spatulas with silicone (or similar) handles, which I also like; the wooden handles definitely cause problems with washing over time.

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