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Multi-Tier Oven Rack

Multi-Tier Oven RackOne of the biggest challenges involved in cooking a big meal is trying to get all of the food ready and on the table at the same time. This is a particularly difficult feat when you’re cooking a huge meal, like Thanksgiving dinner or any other big family get together. For me, I try to make sure that my dish prep areas are evenly distributed in the kitchen. What I mean by this is that I’ll keep two side dishes on the stove and two in the oven, inserting the latter two once the turkey has been cooked and is resting, and cook that can be done in advance the day before so that it doesn’t take up any high-demand oven space on the big day. The problem with this method is that I am somewhat limited in the dishes I can then prepare. I can’t bake all my sides in the oven, for instance, but will have to steam/boil/grill some of them. Grilled asparagus was a side dish last year, if I recall correctly.

More oven space would solve this problem but putting in a second oven isn’t an option for me – nor is it for a lot of other holiday cooks (as much as we wish we could have one). Instead, something like this Multi-Tier Oven Rack could open up some valuable space in the oven for side dishes, layer cakes and anything else that you really need to squeeze in there all at one time. The rack measures 15″ x 11″ x 8¼” and, while very sturdy when assembled, folds down flat so that it doesn’t take up much kitchen space in the off season.

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  • rositta
    November 15, 2007

    Geesh, where has this been all my life. Now that I don’t have to cook big dinners anymore they come up with something amazing. Too bad it’s out of stock though, I would probably buy one…ciao Love your blog by the way.

  • maria~
    November 15, 2007

    Whoa! This is totally perfect for Thanksgiving! Except that it’s now too close to the day of, and I’m planning to make some dishes in advance so they can just be reheated right before dinner.

    But that rack is pretty awesome!

  • Barbara
    November 15, 2007

    This would be so great, even with 2 ovens I sometimes need room for just one for dish. Hams and turkey take up a lot of room, and mine do not fit in the oven back to front like that. They sprawl out side to side taking up the whole thing.

  • rainey
    November 15, 2007

    Looks GREAT in the photo but I’d be concerned that you’d, then, have to go out and get the ovenware that you know will fit in those confined spaces. And you’re still doing everything at one temperature and opening the oven as often as each dish requires.

    Last year when my kitchen was out of commission I had to get one of those big covered roasters to rewarm a prepared turkey. They’re cheap (around $40 at Costco and Target; not so very much more than this rack). They take more storage space to be sure, but you can set it on a different temp for sides and leave the turkey alone. The 4 months or so that I was depending on it I found that it did a good basic job.

    After my reno I kept the roaster. I plan to plug it in outside and do things like baked beans for a BBQ or mac and cheese where they won’t be heating up my kitchen in the summer. Meanwhile, it’s in its box out in the garage since I’ve got two ovens now.

  • ElizabethRN
    November 15, 2007

    Awww, I forwarded this to my mom, as she has a smallish oven, and she said they’re all sold out. So sad.

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