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Mini Snowman Pan

mini snowman pan

 As much as I like Christmas, I really prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving to get into holiday mode. It’s tough to resist catching a glimpse or two some of the holiday items that are already out in stores, though – especially considering that many of them have been out on display since before Halloween. But in this case, I’m glad I took a peek because this Mini Snowman Pan is downright adorable. Besides, it’s more of a winter themed pan than a holiday themed one, anyway.

The pan has four large snow-man shaped cavities that allow you to bake very detailed cakes. It is made by Wilton out of nonstick aluminum. Fortunately, I’ve had good luck working with shaped Wilton pans in the past, so I’m fairly confident that the cakes will come out easily and intact when it comes time to remove them from the pan for decorating.

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  • Linda
    September 13, 2008

    I was lucky enough to find these for a great deal after the holidays last year at Sur La Table. I’d recommend checking that store out if you have one close when they have their huge sale after the holidays. Some things were 75% off. I think I bought this pan for $6 or something. Well made for that price! I’m looking forward to baking some this year and handing them off to a young woman who likes the other part–decorating. I know she will have a lot of fun decorating these little snowmen.

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