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Let Them Eat Flax

letthemeatflaxAlthough the name might lead you to suspect otherwise, Let Them Eat Flaxis not a cookbook about all the different ways to incorporated flax into your diet. The book is a collection of short articles that discuss some of the facts and fiction around nutrition and food science. Dr. Joe Schwarcz seems to specialize in simplifying the often complex details of an issue – how safe Splenda is to eat and how it was developed, or whether vitamin E is a supplement worth taking, to name but two – down to the heart of the matter.

The book is a fast and easy read, one of those books that would be a great one to travel with because the sections (I hesitate to call them chapters) are so short. Reading through the book is almost like reading 70 blog posts on different subjects, as a matter of fact. Schwarcz stays on topic, however, and does pack a lot of information on each topic he tackles into his piece about it. And with 70 discussions in the book, there are sure to be subjects that will peek any readers interest, even if he or she is already well-versed in some of the topics covered.

Despite the fact that this is a science oriented book, there is very little “real” science; everything has been boiled down. This may disappoint anyone interested in a really indepth analysis of any of the single subjects mentioned, but it also makes the book appealing to a broader audience. This makes the book a pretty good choice for those who are seriously interested in food science and health issues, and a very good one for those who are just casually interested in the topics and haven’t had much previous exposure.

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    March 15, 2008

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