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Lots of bloggers posted about their Thanksgiving dinners in the last week, but since I’m ready to put that holiday behind me for another year (not to mention the stacks of turkey leftovers), I tried to avoid Bites from Turkey Day. Fortunately, there were tons of non-Thanksgiving posts to choose from.

  • Cookie Madness baked up a batch of Aunt Ann’s Chocolate Sundae Cookies. There is no ice cream used, but the cookies do look like miniature hot fudge sundaes, with a marshmallow center on a chocolate cookie crust, topped with hot fudge, walnuts and a cherry. Adorable looking, they seem like they’d be a huge hit with kids.
  • Fresh from the Oven tackled a basic recipe for tender potato bread () and ended up making a savory focaccia with red onion, sage and sea salt. The colors are gorgeous, thanks to a generous amount of red onions and the bright, fresh sage she used. The recipe for the bread can be found at My Kitchen in Half Cups.
  • Mary’s Butterballs have nothing to do with the popular brand of packaged turkey. They are, in fact, deliciously buttery cookies baked by La Tartine Gourmande. Basically a sandwiched shortbread cookie, the butterballs are easy to make and can be paired with almost any filling, from jam to chocolate ganache.
  • I absolutely adore honeycomb candy, which is a light and crisp toffee-like confection full of bubbles that melt into your mouth when you bite into a piece. As such, I’m not surprised to hear that Honeycomb Ice Cream is one of Ice Cream Ireland‘s most popular flavors. You can make the candy from scratch, but I imagine that you could get away with using store bought if you can find some.
  • Ever had a slice of Osgood Pie? I had to read the name several times before I realized that the name of the pastry wasn’t “so good pie.” From Not Martha‘s description, that might as well be the name. The pie has a rich filling made with eggs, sugar, butter, raisins, pecans and vinegar that bakes into two layers in the oven: a sweet crumbly layer on top and a sticky, gooey layer on the bottom.

Don’t forget that if you’re doing any holiday baking in the next couple of weeks, you might want to think about doing gingerbread men. If the small cutouts aren’t your thing, however, YumSugar is having a gingerbread house challenge that you might want to enter, too. Their contest, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to have prizes associated with it, but since baking can be a good stress reliever during the holidays, constructing a decorative little house might not be a bad idea!

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  • Kieran
    November 28, 2007

    Thanks so much for the mention, Nicole! And lots of cool stuff on the list!

  • Mandy
    November 29, 2007

    hey Nicole,thanks for the mention!Hmmmm…actually I didn’t use sage, it’s rosemary. 😉

  • Nicole
    November 29, 2007

    Hi Mandy. Sorry about that. I must have been distracted when I was writing!

  • Linda
    November 29, 2007

    Just so you know, the link for focaccia with red onion, sage and sea salt links to back to this site. Love your blog, btw.

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