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  • The Pecan Toffee Coffee Cake from Katie at the Kitchen Door is not your average coffee cake. Baked in a bundt pan, this cake features in indulgent combination of flavors that would make this cake a good choice for dessert as well as for brunch. The cake itself is flavored with brown sugar, spices and vanilla, and it is packed with toffee bits. Throughout the cake, there is a swirl of filling made with sugar, espresso, cocoa powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, pecans and more toffee. There are a lot of flavors, but they all blend together well into one very delicious finished product.
  • Living Well Kitchen‘s Avocado Pudding uses avocados in a way that you’ve probably never seen them before: in a chocolate pudding. The pudding requires no cooking because it gets all of its silky texture from ripe avocado. You simply add cocoa powder, vanilla and honey to your avocado and whizz it in the food processor until the mixture is very, very smooth. You’re left with a surprisingly good dessert that you can feel great about eating.
  • There are many good things going on it Daydreamer DessertsPecan Pretzel Peanut Butter Chip Cookies, and if you like salty-sweet desserts, then you will definitely want to give them a try. The drop cookies are filled with peanut butter chips, toasted pecans and chopped pretzels, all flavors that work together well. To give the cookies a little extra salty sweetness, they also use flaky Maldon sea salt, which has large enough flakes to give the cookies a little texture as well as an extra hint of salt.
  • The Blackberry Pie Bars from Annie’s Eats are a good way to use up a lot of fresh summer berries in much less time than it takes to bake a regular pie. The layered dessert has a lemony shortbread crust as a base, and is topped with a layer of creamy, cakey blackberry topping. In addition to being easy to make, this dessert delivers some gorgeous colors and is the kind of thing that will grab everyone’s attention on a dessert table at a family gathering.
  • The Nutella Magic Cake that Kirbie’s Cravings recently posted is a very unusual looking cake with three unexpected layers to it. It has a fairly dense crust at the bottom, topped with a layer of custard and finished with a tender layer of cake. The magic is that these layers form by themselves as the cake bakes. The cake is easy to make and gets all of its flavor, as well as its chocolaty color, from Nutella mixed in to the batter. If you want to mix things up even more, you might want to give this a try using peanut butter too!

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  • Trudy
    April 10, 2013

    For some reason, your RSS is not working. It hasn’t worked properly for about two weeks but the last three days I get nothing. I’ve tried re-setting it and doesn’t work.

  • Nicole
    April 10, 2013

    Hi Trudy,

    Thanks for the heads up! I will look into it and try to get it back up asap!

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