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Halloween cupcake wrappers

Halloween cupcake wrappers

 I don’t necessarily go for lots of seasonal baking tools, changing up the color of my mixing bowls and whatnot to suit the current season or holiday. I probably would if I could, but I would need a much bigger kitchen (with a whole lot more storage space) before I could even consider starting up such a collection. There are, however, a few seasonal baking items that I always buy for the simple reason that they satisfy my desire to celebrate a season/holiday without taking up too much space: cupcake wrappers.

Halloween is great for cupcake wrappers and designers come up with some really creative things. Black and orange are still the two most often used colors, but there is a much wider range of acceptable looks/designs for this holiday than for some others.  Martha Stewart has classically colored black and orange wrappers (the black actually has a spiderweb design). Fancy Flours has spooky-eyed mini wrappers and an orange swirl pattern that reminds me of candy corn. Wilton has pumpkin, ghost and trick-or-treat themed standard wrappers, but also has some very unique silicone Witch Feet baking cups. I may not be a fan of silicone, but the idea of a spooky cupcake that can stand on its own two feet is definitely a fun one.

I’ve found different wrappers at craft stores, my local super market and at Target. It’s easy to find great designs even if you aren’t shopping online – with the added bonus that you don’t have to wait until the mail comes to start baking.

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  • Debra
    October 30, 2008

    Do the designs still show up after baking up the cupcakes (chocolate) or are these wrappers best used to cover the outside of an already baked cupcake?


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