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Color Mist Food Sprays

color mist spraysThe Color Mist Food Color Sprays from Wilton are interesting products, colorful spray decorators that give a cake (or cupcake or cookie) an airbrushed look. There aren’t too many similar things on the market unless you want to invest in a professional-type airbrusher, that pro bakers sometimes use to finish off some of their creations. Wilton says that they are “taste-free” and only add color. Add a little for a light color, or a lot for a bold look.

I’ve tried several cans of this now, in several different colors, and I have to admit that they’re not my favorite way to decorate cakes. Wilton is completely right in saying that they can give a cake an airbrushed look and a talented decorator can put out some impressive designs with them. I had to practice a bit before I was able to get the can at the right angle and the right distance from the cake, but the colors (orange, purple and black) looked good. My main objection to the Food Sprays is that they are not completely taste and odor free. The frostings - both buttercreams and confectioners’ sugar glazes - always picked up a slightly chemical taste from the spray that didn’t entirely dissipate even when the spray was dry. It was more noticeable on the darker patches of color, but was still present even on lightly misted sites.

In fairness, I will say that not everyone noticed this slightly off-taste that I picked up on, so with a flavorful icing (lemon, orange or chocolate, as opposed to plain vanilla, for instance) the colorful, airbrushed look could easily be worth taking a chance on. But those with sensitive tastebuds should definitely test this out on a small amount of frosting before spraying your whole cake just in case you’re put off by the same flavor I was.

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  • bfmomma
    September 20, 2007

    And don’t expect black to cover chocolate frosting 🙁 I tried to make a bowling ball cake and ended up with a horrible mess that looked nothing near black and didn’t even resemble brown anymore!

    I have only had any (limited) success going over pure white frosting. 🙁

  • Johnny
    September 20, 2007

    any pictures of recent endeavors with this product?

  • eastmeetswestkitchen
    September 20, 2007

    I often walk by this product and wonder if it works. Thanks for trying it out.

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