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Roll and Store Pin

cookie cutter rolling pin

I’m trying to resist a pun about being on a roll today, as I couldn’t resist mentioning yet another interesting rolling pin. The Roll & Store Pin is a rolling pin with removable handles and a clear, hollow center that can be used to store cookie cutters. The pin comes with a variety of round cutters, including a star, a bunny rabbit, a heart, a duck, a boy, a girl, a butterfly and a shamrock, that are shaped to fit the pin’s tube perfectly. This shouldn’t stop you from using the pin to store other types of cookie cutters (or other baking accessories) if you need to, of course, although larger cutters will still have to be stored elsewhere. The tube might also make a good storage space for a roll of cookie dough that needs to be chilled before you are able to actually roll it out. If you want to get the same cooling effect as the previously mentioned pin, you might try slipping some ice into the hollow tube before rolling, although the plastic does not have the same anti-condensation tendencies as the other pin does, which could be slightly problematic if you don’t work quickly.

The only real potential drawback to this pin is that it is made from plastic, so you might not be able to tackle some of the stiffer or heavier doughs that you could be working with. But cookie dough -especially soft butter cookie or sugar cookie doughs – should not give this type of pin any kind of problem, and since it is clearly designed to be a cookie pin, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

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