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Funfetti brownie mix

funfetti brownie mixI’m not necessarily one to endorse using boxed mixes instead of baking from scratch, but there are certainly some decent mixes out there to choose from. Brownie mixes tend to be consistently good, for example, and it’s not bad to have one on hand for chocolate emergencies (especially if you have kids who don’t really want to wait around while you fiddle with butter and eggs for the real thing). But I’m not bringing up the newest Pillsbury baking mix because I am a mix fan. I’m bringing it up because I couldn’t resist mentioning the introduction of the first Funfeti Brownie Mix I’ve ever seen.

I adore Funfetti and started making the cakes with a boxed mix long before I baked in earnest. These days, I make it without a mix. Since funfetti cakes are simply cake with sprinkles stirred into the batter, I’m sure the brownie mix works the same way, so it’s not so much of an innovative product, as much as it is a fun one.

I might just have to try making my own Funfetti Brownies in the near future – without a mix, of course. It’s always fun to have a new way to include sprinkles in my baking.

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  • Alice
    August 26, 2007

    This mix is AWESOME! These actually taste fudgier and moister than any mix I’ve tried. I was skeptical at first..and they don’t look nearly as cute as the picture. The chips tend to sink and the color melts into the surrounding brownie a bit. BUT–the flavor was so yummy. My girls ages 4 & 6 thought they looked a bit odd, but they ate them with gusto. I have to admit these were a big diet downfall for me!

  • Jane
    September 1, 2007

    I think the funetti brownie mix is a bit different than what you may be thinking. The box clearly states that that the coloured bits are candy covered mini chocolate chips. Not like those multi coloured bits of sugar, that you enjoy putting into your cakes. Indeed, those multi coloured sugar bits would be lost (as you found out when you tired to add them to your brownies)and have little to do with what a funfetti cake looks like. Nice try though.

  • umbreen
    January 27, 2012

    hey can you make them in a microwave if so for how long?

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