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Jacked Up Caffeinated Baking Sugar

Jacked Up Caffeinated Baking Sugar
I usually pour myself a cup of coffee in the morning, both because I love coffee and to give myself a little pick-me-up to get my day started. And so do millions of other people. Coffee, tea, sodas and energy drinks are our main sources of caffeine. Chocolate contains a small amount, but you’ll still have to pair that chocolate with a more traditional caffeine delivery system for a real wake up. Or, you could bake up a batch of chocolate chip cookies using ThinkGeek’s Jacked Up Caffeinated Baking Sugar. This sugar is actually caffeinated, meaning you can easily add an extra pick-me-up to anything that could use a little sweetness. The sugar contains 137 mg of caffeine per tablespoon, which is approximately the same amount of caffeine that you would find in a large cup of brewed coffee, which typically contains 100-135 mg.

You could simply stir this into a cup of tea to boost the caffeine, but incorporating it into baked goods is a much more interesting way to create a caffeine delivery system. The sugar looks (and acts) just like regular white sugar and it can be substituted into just about any recipe to perk it up. It is recommended that you use no more than 1 cup of this sugar per 16-24 servings in a recipe to keep the caffeine at a reasonable level. This shouldn’t be a problem if you want to try baking a batch of cookies with this sugar, since a recipe that makes three dozen cookies and is made using one cup of this sugar will deliver about 60 mg per cookie – and that is a little bit of a pick me up from the caffeine and the chocolate that won’t hold you back from eating a second cookie. They just might be the perfect snack to bring to that next boring meeting at work to keep everyone awake and paying attention!

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  • Patent agent
    September 23, 2013

    This is so smart. If I could, I think I’d add caffeine to all the foods I ate, just to stay awake more often!

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