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Brown cupcake wrappers from Martha Stewart

martha cupcake wrappersBlack and brown cupcake wrappers are surprisingly difficult to find, even though they look fantastic with most cupcake and muffin varieties. Last year there was a bit of a frenzy on the food blogs as bakers tried to find stores that reliably carried them. Home bakers wanted them as a change from the standard white, pastel and silver wrappers carried in most grocery stores. Food bloggers wanted them to get that extra edge on their photo presentations.

I didn’t have much luck in finding them back then, and those I did find were too expensive to make it worth my while. But I recently found some reasonably priced brown wrappers as part of Martha Stewart’s (relatively) new Crafts line. They come in a set of 48, with red, pink and rose making up the rest of the total. It’s not quite as good as a set of all-brown wrappers, but having a little variety is nice, too. I found mine at Michaels, but they are also available online.

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  • Muffin
    July 18, 2007

    You can also find brown cupcake wrappers that are made of recycled paper, and are completely earth friendly- at Whole foods and Wild oats. They’re made by a company called “if you care” and they’re way cool, and pretty darn cheap, too!

  • ClaraLynn
    July 24, 2007

    A quick Google of “brown muffin case” (the UK term for baking cups) pops up oodles of online shops that sell dark brown cups by themselves. I didn’t check on shipping rates, but there’s at least one stateside site that imports & sells them in packs of 100. (www.beryls.com)

  • MaryJane
    April 4, 2008

    I found the Brown Cupcake Cups at Confectionery House on-line.

  • MaryJane
    April 4, 2008

    I found the Brown Cupcake Cups at http://www.confectioneryhouse.com on-line.

  • Michaela
    September 3, 2008

    It took me forever to find brown jumbo liner; I had no problem finding them in standard or mini size. I order mine from FancyFlours.com I work with a lady named Nancy Quist and they have bent over backwards for my little shop! The cups are of nice quality to! I recommend using them or at least checking them out.

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