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Culinary brewing

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pizza beerBeer isn’t normally one of my top choices for a post, although it might get a mention here and there as a good choice of beverage to accompany a certain dish, but because pizza has gotten a few mentions I thought I would bring up the subject of pizza beer. As the name suggests, pizza beer is a combination of the two products: pizza-flavored beer. The reddish-brown ale was created by a home brewer named Tom Seefurth, who flavored his beer with tomatoes, garlic, basil and oregano. It’s already on tap at at least one of Seefurth’s local, Chicago-area restaurants and, as it seems like a natural pairing for Italian food, it might have a future on the menu at other restaurants, as well.

Perhaps of even greater interest is the fact that Seefurth’s culinary brewing could spread. Other people will probably begin to create more exotic flavors of beer, aiming to pair them with foods in a way that, with the exception of pizza beer, has never been done. Seefurth has experimented with other flavors before hitting upon pizza, including curry, salsa and even oatmeal raisin brews. Since they didn’t make the market, we can assume that they were unsuccessful, but this could very well be the future of beer.

Ok, not oatmeal raisin, but other flavors will definitely follow pizza.

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