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Mother’s Day gift ideas for foodie moms

momsdayapron.JPGMother’s Day is the time of year to take a moment to tell your mom how much you appreciate what she has done for you over the years. In theory, perhaps, you should probably tell her this more than once a year, but the 2nd Sunday in May is the only time you can do it with a spot-on greeting card. Naturally, you might want to include a toke of appreciation with your card. You can always take mom out to brunch to celebrate, but a gift is nice, too. Here are a couple of gift ideas for foodie moms this mother’s day:

For a mom who likes things that are a little bit retro, aprons can make a great gift. Kitch’n Glam lets you select flattering ones by body type, and they offer plenty of designs to choose from. They have aprons in child and adult sizes, with options for men and women.

Got a gadget-loving mom? The options are practically limitless. Take yourself down to the nearest kitchen store and look around. They always have bins of gadgets, from measuring spoons to lettuce knives. If you know she needs something in particular, go for practicality, otherwise, have a little fun and get the more unusual gadgets.

Veg moms(and omni moms who like salads) will get a lot of use out of the AreoGarden Indoor Garden, which lets you grow a whole garden of herbs and other small veggies right on your countertop. Unlike the alternative of a traditional planter, the AreoGarden uses no soil and is completely automated, providing light, water and nutrients in just the right amounts for your little crop to flourish.

If mom is a baker, you can’t go wrong with a new cake pan, like the new-for-spring Beehive Bundtfrom Nordicware. The Baker’s Edge pan is also one you can’t go wrong with, since it can be used for everything from cheesecake bars to lasagna.

If mom is an animal lover, a cookbook that will let her bake treats for mom’s best friend might be in order. The Ultimate Dog Treat Cookbook is great for a mom with a dog. Try The Original Book of Horse Treats if she has horses or The Kitty Treats Cookbook if she has a feline friend. You might want to include a set of matching cookie cutters, as well!

On-the-go moms will get a lot of use out of something that they can take with them. An easy one is a new travelling coffee tumbler, which will keep coffee hot on a long commute. If budget is no option, you might want to track down a car that has an espresso machine built into the console for the ultimate in fresh coffee!

That said, a mom who enjoys her coffee at home, whether in the mornings or after dinner, might benefit more from a set of latte bowls. The giant cups (which are pretty much like small bowls) give an air of indulgence to a latte or to a mug of hot chocolate. Plus, you can use them as cereal bowls in a pinch.

And finally, if your mom is a bit of a chocoholic, you can always go for a box of her favorite truffles or other confections. In this category, there really are too many to choose from and, after all, you know your mom’s personal preferences better than I do. If she doesn’t have a favorite, however, I would recommend going with something a little over-the-top to make the gift extra special. I like the Mother’s Day Cupcake Collection from Moonstruck Chocolate. The collection includes eight uniquely flavored (such as Lemon Coconut, Pineapple Upsidedown, Caramel Spice, German Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake, for starters) truffles shaped like miniature cupcakes!

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  • yumsugar
    May 6, 2007

    what a full list! we’re publishing our stuff this week, but we have some of the same things in mind. The aerogarden is on it (mostly because if i had more than a tiny bit of counter space, i’d have this thing by now). also i love those aprons, great find!

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