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An ode to the honey thing

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honey things

The Sneeze has a ode to “that beehive-shaped wooden Honey-Stick Thing”, a.k.a. a honey drizzler. This kitchen implement is traditional for serving honey, as the long handle keeps your fingers from getting sticky when you use it and the spiraled end is designed to make drizzling honey easy, with the ridges guiding the stream around in a relatively even flow. The tool is fairly unique in that, as the Sneeze points out, it actually seems to have been adopted as the mascot for products like Honey Bunches of Oats, in addition to appearing on numerous other honey-flavored products. Perhaps this is what the usefulness of the drizzler has come down to. The stick is something of an icon and, despite the fact that it isn’t all that common anymore, it is synonymous with honey.  These days, it is more common to find honey in plastic squeeze bottles (sometimes bear-shaped bottles), where the ability to drizzle is built in.

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