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A grill for minimalists

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tiny grill

 If the golden grillwas a bit over the top for your tastes (or your wallet, with it’s $12,000 price tag!), there are many alternative grills. I’d recommend something in the midrange, both in terms of size and price, for the average griller who wants to tackle great burgers, steak, chicken, veggies and the occasional grilled pizza. But if you are interested in the polar opposite of the blinged-out Beefeater grill, or really want to conserve space, take a peek at the Grilliput Compact Grill. Weighing in at only 1.2-lbs, the Grilliput is made of stainless steel and gives you a 9″ x 10.2″ grilling area. It can be taken apart for transport, making it a good choice for camping trips, etc. The firebowl pictured below the grill is a coordinating accessory, but worth consideration if you are planning to travel with this grill, as it will keep your fire source contained and under control.

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