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Dannon All Natural Yogurt

dannon_kosherPassover starts today, and with it comes a whole set of eating restrictions on top of the usual rules of keeping Kosher. At least, it does if you observe the holiday, which many people do even if they are not particularly religious to begin with. The Jewish tradition dictatates that all leavened foods (hametz) must be removed from the home and that no eating utensils should come into contact with hametz. Eating “any product that is fermented or can cause fermentation,” including wheat, rye, barley, oats, and spelt, as well as foods made with those grain, is restricted, as well.

Unleavened Matzoh is a traditional passover food and is made from water and one or more of the five grains mentioned above, each of which has been “tended from harvest through the baking process to make certain that they have no leaven in them.” Many other foods receive a particular certification as “kosher for passover” and Dannon’s All Natural Yogurt is one of them. In fact, it is the only natural yogurt to have this certification (in the US, at least). It has no artificial ingredients and comes in four kosher flavors – plain, vanilla, coffee and lemon – as well as in full, low and non-fat varieties.

Judging from the press kit, it looks like Amy, from Cooking with Amy, actually teamed up with Dannon to come up with  is the spokes person for Dannon’s new product and tested some of their inventive new recipes that use the yogurt. They include Vanilla Blintzes with Strawberry sauce and Lemon Vanilla Yogurt Walnut Passover Mini Muffins (good thing they’re small – that name is a mouthful!), but you can always stick with a flourless treat that doesn’t call for Matzoh, like flourless chocolate cake or flourless crepes.

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  • India
    April 2, 2007

    Can you tell me what it is about those four flavours that makes them Kosher?

  • Amy
    April 2, 2007

    Hi Nicole, thanks for mentioning my blog. I am the spokesperson for Dannon All Natural yogurt which is the only nationally available brand of Kosher for Passover yogurt. I didn’t come up with the recipes but I tried each one and they are delicious. I liked the mini muffins best. The four flavors that are Kosher for Passover are lemon, vanilla, plain and coffee. They have no artificial ingredients and no gelatin and are made in a Kosher facility.

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