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I dream of cupcakes blanket

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cupcake blanketEating in bed isn’t the best idea because of the potential for getting crumbs all over the sheets before you sleep in them, so instead of taking actual cupcakes to bed with you, the sew-on cupcakes of the I dream of cupcakes blanket from Uncommon Goods are a better choice.

The delightful little pink-frosted cakes are the focal point – helping you to “dream of cupcakes,” as the blanket’s border suggests – of the all-cotton throw, which is made entirely out of recycled fabric. Of course, eating a cupcake before bed (not necessarily in it) will probably help you to dream of sweets at least as much as the blanket will, so consider adding a few drops of pink food coloring to your next batch of cupcakes to coordinate. And make sure you don’t take any crumbs with you after you’ve eaten.

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