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Sydney Eats: Bodhi Yum Cha

I wish I had thought to take my camera yesterday when we went to have yum cha for lunch at Bodhi at Philip+Cook Park, near St. Mary’s Cathedral. Yum cha must be one of the most attractive lunches you can have.

I will keep this brief, as I will freely admit that I only know what about half of our food was. The ones I can describe with a relative degree of clarity are: spring rolls, pumpkin dumplings, sweet corn bao, bbq bao and a couple of veggie noodle things. The noodles literally melted in your mouth, though the sweet corn bao was probably my favorite. We also had some fried sesame coconut balls for dessert, which were not too sweet and a good ending for the meal.

Go there. Really.

Bodhi in the Park

Lower level, Cook & Phillip Park, 2-4 College St

tel 9360 2523

And if anyone is aware of a vegetarian/vegan yum cha place in California – let me know!

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  • Anonymous
    September 23, 2005

    I have to agree, Bodhi is awesome! I lived in Sydney for almost a year, and this became my all-time favorite restaraunt, ever! I now live in the Bay Area of California, and miss their vegan yum cha so much, I’ve considered traveling back just to go there. If anyone knows of vegan yum cha in CA, please, please let us in on the secret!

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