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What is divinity?

If you have never had divinity, you have probably never been to the South around Christmas. This is, of course, not the only reason you may not have had divinity. You could also be an aethist, I suppose. (Kidding.)
Divinity is a white, fudge-like candy made of sugar and egg whites. It is often called “divinity fudge”, actually. It is almost a type of nougat that has formed a lovely firm outside since it has not been enrobed by any type of chocolate, while remaining moist and creamy inside. It tastes a bit marshmallowy – though much, much creamier – and will almost always contains walnuts.
It’s traditionally made around Christmas time, which means that the local fudge shop will be making it for the rest of the month. This is indeed good news, since very few places out here in California seem to sell it. The picture is of a piece I bought this morning. I much prefer to slice pieces of divinity off a a large fudge-like block than having small meringue shaped pieces, since there is more of the creamy, chewy center that way. Check out my recipe for divinity if you are interested in trying to make this delight at home.

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  • Anonymous
    September 29, 2005

    are you not sharing the Divinity recipe that came from BHG Australia? I could not find it. thanks.

  • Nic
    September 29, 2005

    It looks like they changed the link on me! I’ve updated it now.

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