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Why use a springform pan?

Springform pan

A springform pan is a type of cake pan that has removable sides. The strip of metal that makes up the sides of the pan is shaped into a ring and is held together with an adjustable latch or buckle. It can be tightened by snapping the latch into place, tightening the ring and creating a tight seal with the pan’s base. When unlatched, the ... Read More »

Springform Cake Pan with Two Bottoms

The average vanilla or chocolate cake recipe can be adapted to fit pans of all different shapes and sizes, but once you have a pan selected, that is the only shape you’re going to get for that cake. This is assuming that something doesn’t go horribly wrong with the recipe, resulting in a cake that looks like a science experiment, of course. A bundt pan ... Read More »

S-XL Bundt Cake

S-XL Bundt Cake

When I first saw the S-XL Cake Pan, which comes with slices of various sizes already marked out, I thought it was very inventive. I’m equally impressed with the S-XL Bundt Cake Pan, a larger variant of the original pan. There are 15 pre-set slices of varying sizes and shapes, different heights and widths. It’s nonstick, so it should be easy to get the bundt ... Read More »

How to choose a roasting pan

Mauviel Roasting Pan

A crowd-feeding turkey is the biggest thing that some of us cook during the year, and that often means that we need special cookware to accommodate its size and shape, while most oven-roasted meats and vegetables do just fine in smaller and shallower pans. A roasting pan should be big and fairly deep, about 3-4 inches, to hold all the drippings from your roast and ... Read More »

Peace of Cake Pan

Filled cake pans have never really jumped out at me. The designs that feature bowl-like shapes, or hollowed out interiors, always looked like things I could reproduce myself with a spoon, or perhaps with a knife. The Peace of Cake pan caught my eye with its very cute name and the design really grew on me the more I looked at it. The pan is ... Read More »

Garden Patch Cakelet Pan

Garden Patch Cakelet Pan

There are some vegetables that any kid – no matter how picky an eater – will happily munch away on. Vegetables made out of cake, for instance, fit this description quite well. This Garden Patch Cakelet Pan is a new piece of bakeware at Williams Sonoma this spring. It bakes 20 miniature cakes, each of which is roughly the size of a mini-muffin, in carrot, ... Read More »

Mini Snowman Pan

mini snowman pan

¬†As much as I like Christmas, I really prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving to get into holiday mode. It’s tough to resist catching a glimpse or two some of the holiday items that are already out in stores, though – especially considering that many of them have been out on display since before Halloween. But in this case, I’m glad I took a peek ... Read More »

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