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Festive Cookies

… also know as baking with leftovers. As I cleaned out my freezer, I found some leftover butter cookie dough, shortbred dough and gingersnap dough. I did what any normal person cleaning out their fridge would do: I baked them. Ok. Maybe not any normal person, but certainly a foodie or a food blogger who is likely to have the remnants of several batches of ... Read More »

Triple Chocolate Layer Cake

In my opinion, this is really more of a quadruple chocolate layer cake. This is a chocolate cake (1) with mini semisweet chocolate chips in it (2) filled with a milk chocolate mousse (3) and covered in a bittersweet chocolate glaze(4). I made it yesterday to take to work this morning, as it was a coworker’s birthday and I usually find the store bought cakes ... Read More »

What is divinity?

If you have never had divinity, you have probably never been to the South around Christmas. This is, of course, not the only reason you may not have had divinity. You could also be an aethist, I suppose. (Kidding.) Divinity is a white, fudge-like candy made of sugar and egg whites. It is often called “divinity fudge”, actually. It is almost a type of nougat ... Read More »

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