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Hershey and Callebaut join up

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hersheyscallebaut.JPGWhile everyone has their favorite, the Swiss chocolate maker Callebaut is widely considered to be the gold standard of chocolate around the world. Hershey’s, by contrast, is – to put it as delicately as possible – usually not mentioned in the same sentence, though the brand is a big seller and has many fans. Chocolate aficionados may therefore be surprised to hear that The Hershey Company and Callebaut have just formed an innovative partnership and intend to spend the better part of the next decade working close together.

Company spokespeople say that the companies will be focusing on “driving innovation in new chocolate taste experiences, premium chocolate, health and wellness, and ingredient research and optimization” – or in simpler terms, just about everything. Callebaut intends to open a new facility to provide chocolate for Hershey’s Monterrey, Mexico plant and to supply chocolate to the Robinson, Illinois plant, as well. This means that there will be a huge influx of Callebaut products onto the market, most of them in the Hershey’s name.

Whether the partnership of the two chocolate powerhouses will have long term effects on consumers remains to be seen, but the increased emphasis on R&D is certain to lead to some new taste and flavor experiences, and will hopefully lead to an overall boost in quality.

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  • katherine
    April 30, 2007

    I hope this means better quality Hershey’s chocolate and not worse Callebaut!

    I must admit, I was slightly horrified when I read this as I hate Hershey’s chocolates and gladly snack on Callebaut bittersweet chocolate chips.

    (BTW, long time reader and gotta say the new site is awesome! Thanks for all the work you do 🙂 )

  • John
    May 3, 2007

    I too hope this means better Hersheys chocolate which I personally consider to be the worse chocolate in America. This is like Ruth’s Cris Steakhouse working with McDonalds. Not right.

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