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Naming controversy over novelty baked goods


Flipping open a nearby cookie book, I see that it contains recipes for “Mother Lode Brownies” and “Sweetie Pies.” My recipe index lists Monkey Bars, a Raspberry Chocolate Mink and Dirt Cups (pictured). The thing that all of these recipes have in common is that the name is not indicative of what, precisely, the dessert is. “Mother Lode Brownies” contain no gold, and the Raspberry Minks are entirely ... Read More »

Vote for Baking Bites!

Baking Bites was nominated for the “Best Food Blog” in this year’s Blogger’s Choice Awards! As of writing this, the blog with the most votes in the food blog category has just under 250 votes, and I know that we can do better than that! So, I’d like to take a moment to encourage all of you readers to head over and vote by clicking this link ... Read More »

Anti-obesity baby food

The subject of children and obesity is controversial enough on its own, but scientists in Scotland are working on something that is sure to take the debate to a new level. They are developing a diet supplement for infants that will supress hunger, which will supposedly prevent them from growing up fat. The formula, which contains a hormone called leptin, was developed in response to animal ... Read More »

California might add nutrition information to restaurant menus

It’s easy to pick out healthy items on a restaurant menu, right? A quick quiz conducted by the California Center for Public Health Advocacy found that 68% of surveyed Californians couldn’t pick out the low calorie, low salt, high fat or high calorie items from a list of dishes on the menus at Denny’s, Chili’s, McDonald’s and Romano’s Macaroni Grill chain restaurants. 27% only got ... Read More »

Newspaper dessert recipes make people fat?

Some newspapers do it on Tuesdays and others opt for Thursdays, but the vast majority of newspapers run their food sections on Wednesdays. I know I look forward to perusing the pages – either physical or virtual – of some on my favorite newspapers every week to check out new reviews and recipes. According to a recent survey, however, this seemingly innocent paper perusal can ... Read More »

Restricting the sale of baking soda?

A St. Louis lawmaker wants to make baking soda harder to get and has suggested that it be moved behind the counter in stores and pharmacies, where the shopkeepers/pharmacists can oversee who buys it and how much they’re buying. The reason for the proposed legislation is not to restrict the number of cookies that can be baked, but because baking soda is (apparently) “a base ... Read More »

Banning baked goods in schools is getting out of hand

Kid making cupcakes

When I was in kindergarten, we had an event every couple of weeks called “Zero the Hero.” I remember very little about the activity itself – although I know it involved numbers and “zero-like” round shapes in some way – but on “Zero the Hero” day one of the students was responsible for bringing in a snack for the class. Obviously, it was up to ... Read More »

Peter Pan peanut butter problem resolved


Peanut butter lovers were shaken when ConAgra recalled their popular Peter Pan brand of peanut butter several weeks ago due to a salmonella outbreak. The recall affected all peanut butter that had been made in ConAgra’ Georgia plant since 2004, which meant that just about every single jar in consumers’ homes had to be thrown out or returned to the company. Peanut butter sandwiches and ... Read More »

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