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Cook’s Illustrated Tests Bundt Pans

Cook's Illustrated Tests Bundt Pans

A bundt pan is a staple piece of equipment for every baker. The pans make beautiful cakes that look impressive the moment you pop them out of the pan, as the fluted designs on the bakeware transfer directly onto the cake. I love bundt cakes and make them on a regular basis. This month, the test kitchen at Cook’s Illustrated took a look at bundt pans ... Read More »

Epica Electric Milk Frother and Heater, reviewed

Epica Electric Milk Frother and Heater, reviewed

I drink quite a bit of coffee – after all, it pairs so well with so many baked goods! – and definitely like some variety in my coffee routine. I have more than a few coffee makers, everything from an espresso machine to a Nespresso to a Chemex. There are lots of options for coffee makers out there, but there aren’t as many options when ... Read More »

Cook’s Illustrated Tests Cookie Scoops

Cook's Illustrated Tests Cookie Scoops

Portion scoops, or cookie scoops, are the best tool you can use to bake cookies with a uniform size and shape. The scoops come in a variety of sizes and allow you to easily produce ball after ball of dough with ease. In a recent issue (Jan/Feb 2017), Cook’s Illustrated set out to test some scoops and see which ones outperformed the rest. The test kitchen ... Read More »

CHiP Smart Cookie Oven is an Easy Bake for Cookie-Loving Adults

CHiP Smart Cookie Oven is an Easy Bake for Adults

I loved using my Easy Bake Oven as a kid. Even though the lightbulb-powered oven perpetually underbaked anything that you put inside of it, it was fun and incredibly satisfying to use. And I didn’t really mind that my cakes, cookies and other desserts were underdone at the time. If the convenience of small batch cookie baking still appeals to you enough that you want ... Read More »

Zombie Baking Cups

Zombie Baking Cups

When you have an occasion or holiday coming up, it’s nice to be able to make your cupcakes stand out by serving them in a fun wrapper. I have pumpkin wrappers for Halloween, snowflake wrappers for Christmas and confetti wrappers for birthdays, all of which help give my cupcakes – even simple chocolate cupcakes – a festive look. If you want to get really creative ... Read More »

Wilton Halloween Eyes Easy Cookie Pan

Halloween Eyes Easy Decorate Cookie Pan

When I was a kid, one of my favorite Halloween decorations were a set of monster eye window decals, which I would stick all over the front windows of the house to look creepily out over any trick or treaters that might come to the door. I used that set for years, until it got lost in a remodel, but I still remember those cartooney ... Read More »

Pumpkin Covered Pie Dish

Pumpkin Covered Pie Dish

The start of fall means that pumpkin desserts and pies start to take center stage on the dessert table. It also means that stores are coming out with a wide variety of fall and pumpkin-themed products for baking and cooking. I try to restrain myself from filling my kitchen up with too many of these goodies, even though they’re always cute, because I don’t have ... Read More »

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