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Bites from other Blogs

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Bites from other Blogs

  • What could be better as an afternoon snack than a batch of freshly baked homemade biscotti? Teaspoon‘s Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti offer a twist on this classic cookie that is sure to appeal to chocoholics everywhere. The biscotti start with a mixture of ground hazelnuts, dark chocolate and brown sugar. This mixture brings a lot of flavor to the cookie base, as well as contributing to a very tender texture. The dough also uses instant espresso powder and unsweetened cocoa powder to ensure that the cookies have a lot of intense chocolate flavor. As if that weren’t enough, the baked cookies are dipped in chocolate, too.
  • One way to make your baked goods green is by using green food coloring. Another option is to start with ingredients that are green to begin with. Veganosity baked up a beautiful batch of Vegan Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes that capture the color and flavor of green tea. The cupcakes are made with matcha powder, which itself is a vivid green. Unlike loose leaf tea, the flavor of matcha powder is very strong and a little goes a long way. The finished cupcakes are sure to please tea-lovers everywhere. They’re topped with a green vegan buttercream frosting that has a hint of almond and vanilla to compliment the flavor of the tea.
  • Pass the Cococa also made some Matcha Cupcakes, but this batch is a more traditional recipe. The fluffy cupcakes are actually vanilla cupcakes, made with buttermilk and plenty of vanilla extract. They’re a great background for an intensely flavored matcha buttercream frosting that is green thanks to a very generous quantity of ground match incorporated into it. The colorful cupcakes would be a perfect addition to a St Patrick’s Day celebration, thanks to their vibrant color.
  • Another way to get your green on for St Patrick’s Day is with the Grasshopper Latte from Brewed Daily. This recipe turns a classic cocktail into an after dinner coffee drink that tastes a lot like an after dinner mint. It’s made with a blend of espresso, creme de cacao and creme de menthe. The creme de menthe is a green-colored peppermint liqueur that gives the drink both a funky (fun!) green color and a refreshing mint note that pairs well with the coffee and the cocoa liqueur.

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