Trader Joe’s Cookies & Cream Cookie Butter, reviewed

Trader Joe's Cookies & Cream Cookie Butter
Cookie butter is an indulgent treat, a peanut butter-like spread that is made of crushed cookies, rather than nuts. Biscoff Spread is the original cookie butter and has a sweet, slightly spicy, brown sugar flavor, however there are plenty of other cookie butters available out there. Trader Joe’s already has a plain cookie butter – their version of the original Biscoff – and has come out with flavored cookie butters before, but their new Cookies & Cream Cookie Butter just might be their best flavor yet. The black and white swirled cookie butter has a great look to it and smells like Oreo-type cookies as soon as you open the jar. The cookie butter is delicious if you’re a cookies n’ cream fan. It has a blend of bittersweet cocoa and sweet cream that is well-balanced and addictive. You won’t get the same crunch as you would biting into a sandwich cookie, but the cookie butter has just enough texture to it that you won’t forget you’re eating a cookie-based product.

This spread can be used in any way that regular cookie butter can be. That is to say that it can be baked into cookies or baked into cake. It also makes an excellent dip for cookies. Graham crackers, vanilla wafers and other relatively plain cookies are excellent when paired with a spread like this one. You could also use it to sandwich two vanilla cookies together, creating a sort of reverse Oreo sandwich cookie!


  1. Oh that looks so good. The chocolaty bits are just calling my name. haha

  2. If you bake cookies with cookie butter, would the resulting cookies be the reincarnation of the cookies that went into the cookie butter, or would they have new souls? What if you then butterize those new cookies and rebake them as another generation of cookiedom? Can there be cookie nirvana?

  3. Deep questions, Elvis!

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