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Wilton Severed Finger Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Wilton Severed Finger Halloween Royal Icing Decorations

Halloween is about both tricks and treats, and when you can get both of those things into one package, you know that you’re on to something! Wilton’s Severed Finger Halloween Cupcake Toppers look amazingly realistic and are a fun/scary decoration to incorporate into your Halloween baking. The fingers are made of dried royal icing and come in a package of 10. The package includes fingers of different sizes for different decorating applications, but all have realistic nails and wrinkles where the joints of the finger should be. The “cut” ends, of course, are colored with red dye to make them look as though they were freshly cut. They’re not the kind of cupcake topper that you’ll want to break out when entertaining small children, but they are awesome when they are used at more grown up Halloween parties or if you happen to be watching a Walking Dead marathon!

Wilton Severed Finger Halloween Royal Icing Decorations

The fingers are a lot of fun to play with. In addition to using them to top cupcakes, you can hid them in a big container of popcorn or trail mix to surprise an unsuspecting snacker. They can also be used to garnish drinks, though they will eventually dissolve if they are left in water or alcohol for a period of time. They are technically edible, but they are so hard that they’re not that pleasant to eat and I recommend simply using them for visual effect, not as a snack. Use them to add the trick to your treats!

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