Wilton Spoon Cookie Pan

Wilton Spoon Cookie Pan

Dipping a freshly baked cookie in a glass of milk, or into a mug of coffee or tea is one of life’s little pleasures. You might want to pair chocolate chip cookies with milk and save the biscotti for tea, but there is no wrong way to mix and match cookies with beverages. The hardest part about such a pairing is often getting the cookie into the cup for dunking. Big, round cookies don’t typically fit right into a mug without breaking them down into much smaller pieces – a task that is easier with some types of cookies than others. One alternative is to bake cookies that have a shape more conducive to dunking, like the cookies that you can bake with Wilton’s unusual Spoon Cookie Pan. The nonstick pan allows you to bake eight spoon-shaped cookies that are absolutely perfect for dipping.

To use the pan, simply press the cookie dough of your choice into the cavities. The nonstick surface will give you an easy release, but if you opt to use a cake batter instead of a cookie dough, you’ll want to grease the pan to ensure that they pop right out. It’s an especially good choice for shortbread cookies and other crumbly cookie doughs, which will be helped by the structure of the pan. The cookies can be served as-is or decorated with chocolate or with frosting before serving.

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