Chicago Metallic Individual Pie Mold Pan

Chicago Metallic Pie Mold Pan

As much as I like Breville’s Personal Pie Maker, I’m not yet sure that I need another appliance in my kitchen – even if it is an appliance that specializes in pies. I can certainly make room for a new pan, however, and Chicago Metallic’s Pie Mold Pan is a good middle ground. This pan has cavities for four individual pies, and while they’re larger than the miniature pies that the Breville makes, this pan is a little more versatile and takes up a lot less space in the kitchen.

The pan is a heavy duty nonstic pan that will give you a deep brown pastry crust and will also provide a clean release for the pastries. Each of the cavities has a removable bottom to make it easy to lift out and serve your pies after baking. The pan can be used with just about any kind of pie filling, sweet or savory. You can even fill up each individual pie shell with a different filling! If you take that route, however, keep in mind that all of the pies in the pan need to bake in about the same amount of time and it very well may be easier to do batches to bake off different pies instead of trying to do them all at once. The pan comes with a dough cutter that will help you get the right size pastry for the base of your pies, and also enables you to cut a decorative patter on the top layers of pastry.


  1. I had also wanted the Breville Pie Maker until my sister looked at one and noticed the pie crust to filling ratio was too high.

    Some reviews also state that it can be hard to remove the pies from the maker (not to mention the recommendation you use two different doughs–pie and puff pastry), so the removable bottoms on these certainly fix that, and I think I’ll check into this pan, thanks!

  2. I spotted this the other day and really considered buying it. You may have talked me into it!

  3. Usually I hate making the individual pies because they are a pain to handle when hot. This really solves that problem. Great review.

  4. I always debate about whether all these new-fangled kitchen and baking devices are really worth it (probably not so much with the pie maker…) But this looks like an easy way to avoid buying all those individual pie or tart molds for single servings! What a great idea, thanks for sharing

  5. i want to make small pies with different fillings! this would help me

  6. I think making little chicken pot pies with this would be cool.

  7. Just the Hubster and I so this would be an amazing help! Single serving portions would be MUCH easier than a full size pie! Love this!!

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