Wilton Heart Whoopie Pie Pan

Heart Whoopie Pie Pan
Cake-like, cream-filled whoopie pies are enjoying a huge surge of popularity right now as a retro treat at bakeries and restaurants. They’re easy to make at home, too, and while they’re usually just made free-form on a baking sheet (much like regular cookies), some cake pan manufacturers are now coming out with whoopie pie pans to speed the process along and help to give home bakers a more uniform result. This Wilton Heart Whoopie Pie Pan is a great example. The nonstick pan has 12 heart-shaped cavities that are like shallow muffin tops. Just spoon your whoopie pie batter into the pan and it will bake up into matched sets of pies that are just waiting to be filled. These are a cute treat for Valentine’s Day and you get a very professional looking treat at the end of the process.

If you do want to make whoopie pies for Valentine’s Day, you might want to opt for a Red Velvet Pie with a Cream Cheese Filling – a recipe below is similar to what is pictured above – for the most festive look. Here are a few more whoopie pie recipes to get you started:


  1. These are too adorable!! Perfect excuse for many valentines.

  2. This is absolutely perfect for Valentine’s day! I think my kids would love to make these with me. They really enjoy helping out in the kitchen especially when I’m making pies. As my 3-year old puts it, ‘it’s fun and messy’! lol! I think what makes it fun for them is because it’s messy! But hey, they’re improving on their kneading skills really well. :)

  3. I just made my first batch of whoopie pies earlier this month – aren’t they the greatest treat? I have not seen the heart shaped pan, LOVE THAT!

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